Events and meanings arise in the coming together and parting of people and things, the making of objects, engagement with materials. That the world seems always to be ‘there’ is a constant surprise, if surprise can be constant. I recall as a small boy at the Hippodrome in Ipswich, watching an elephant on stage. I was told, ‘Watch how he walks - elephants always test the ground before putting their weight down.” Apocryphal or not, the story revealed for me the immensely gentle way in which the elephant moved, reassured by every testing with its foot for what might be a precarious place. There is a kind of testing in the act of painting, surprise in the doing of it. My work proceeds rather as the elephant, each anxious new step opening out to surprise that the world is still there. At one level it is a product of pleasure in technique – the physicality of making. The use of tight and as I see it, elegant, sensual line provokes visual pleasure and is a means of distillation of the qualities of subject-matter; other techniques indicate alternative sensualities. Sometimes it is ‘evidence’ of a period of physical activity, subjective engagement revealed through the eye; always there is struggle with the impossibility of description. I am engaged by the qualities of the flowers that I have been drawing and painting. Realities and contradictions inherent in gradual decay are explored through techniques which threaten, expose, flirt, with the corrupting potential of cliché and sentimentality. I feel for tension within potentially banal forms which will result in work reflecting a precarious nature, as content embraces subject-matter. To create work which is intuitive but which does not drop into the pit of good taste is a consuming challenge; we are creatures of taste. These paintings are underpinned in intuition, arising through touch channelled by vision and visceral memory in whose making I catch sight uneasily of myself.

Photographs of My Old School point to the fleeting nature of experience and physicality.

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Mother and son Mother of Mine
Divide Who Are You Looking At?
Three Bird Paintings
Partridge with Soft Outline Bird drawings
Disjunction 2  440mm x 620mm Drawing Flower Drawings
Llily on Blue-grey24in x 24in Flower Paintings
Goffered Blue 60in x 41in Abstract
Sunset-2 The Sea Occasional Images
Images of sunset at St Ives and morning at Pevensey. Whilst they are of a specific place and time, there is no immediately identifiable location. This ambiguity is reflected in space and colour.
Wall My Old School
These images are some of a series taken in a school in which I taught.It remained boarded up for some time, and was vandalised. There is now a housing estate on the site.
5ft Blackbird - 3 5ft Birds
Knoll Orangery Gallery Views